Career of Dr.Kazuo Furukawa 

Dr. Kazuo Furukawa:

Born: 13th February 1927
Passed away: 14th December 2011(age 84)
President of “International Thorium Molten Salt Forum(ITMSF)"
President of TTS Ltd.(Thorium Technology Solution)
Foreign member of Ukraine Science Academy
Doctor of Science (Kyoto University)

Right photo is his last lecture on 25th October 2011.

1951: Graduated Kyoto University, Department of Science Chemistry.

1952: Become an assistant of Tohoku University, Metallic Material Laboratory, and engaged in the inorganic liquid structurizing study research

1960-61: Study at London university (Birkbeck College) on a statistical thermodynamics research and the X-ray liquid structure analysis

1961: Become an associate professor of Tohoku University, and engaged in the structure and the physical properties theory research on the liquid metal and molten liquid.

1962: Moved to Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI), and engaged in the atomic utilization research on the high temperature molten liquid.

1966: Become a head of Sodium Laboratory of JAERI, and engaged in integrated development of a liquid sodium basic technology.

1968: Visit ORNL, and knew the amazing operation of MSRE experimental reactor.

1971: Become a head of High Temperature Molten Liquid Laboratory of JAERI, and engaged in the application of Molten Salt to the fission reactor, the nuclear fusion reactor, and the particle accelerator reactor.

1980: Invent AMSB (Accelerator Molten Salt Breeder), which enables a large amount of fissile material (U233)

1983 Moved to Tokai University as a professor at the Technology Development Laboratory, and develop a Thorium Molten Salt Nuclear Energy Synergetic System(THORIMS-NES), which is an integration of MSR and AMSB in molten salt thorium fuel cycle.

1985: Invent FUJI (small molten salt power reactor), which removed both core graphite replacement and a continuous chemical processing equipment.

1996: Become a foreign member of Ukraine Science Academy
Most imprtant person in MSR is Dr. Alvin Weinberg.
He is an inventor of LWR(PWR), although it is not well-known.
He has been conducting MSR development, as a director of ORNL from1955-1973.
The right photo was taken in 1996 at ORNL.

1996: Retired Tokai University, and establish Thorium Molten Salt laboratory.

2006: Awarded Eisaku Satoh Prize by the paper of "Nuclear nonproliferation by Thorium Molten Salt Rector". (This prized was started when former prime minister Eisaku Satoh received a Novel Peace Prize.)

2008: Established “International Thorium Molten Salt Forum(ITMSF)", which is a non-profit organization to study and promote THORIMS-NES.

2011: Establish TTS Ltd. (Thorium Technology Solution)

Published books (all in Japanese,except#7)
1) co-author,1971, "Reactor Engineering Lecture Vol.4", baifuu-kan
2) co-author,1981, "Molten Salt Breeding Reactor", Japan Atomic Energy Society
3) translation,1986, "Nuclear Energy Synergetic System", baifu-kan
4) co-author, 1993, "Molten Salt Heat Technology", Agne technical center.
5) 2001, "Nuclear Power Plant Revolution", Bungei-shunjuu-sha
6) 2011 ,"Nuclear Power Plant Safety Revolution(after Fukushima accident)", Bungei-shunjuu-sha

7) co-author, 2012,"Nuclear Power . Deployment, Operation and Sustainability"

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